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Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers and gets the results they need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting, making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

“I am very satisfied with the service I get at Amdahl. Today, I had an appointment with Tiffany to discuss the warranty on my hearing aids. A very nice meeting and very productive.”

- Curtis G.

“Was seen and tested after responding to the Facebook request, I have tinnitus and was tested, showed the results and explained what was going on. I had fallen and suffered a TBI, 10 years prior and hearing was becoming a problem. Given hearing aids got rid of the constant ringing, I can hear people talking in groups, without looking directly at them. The ringing is not gone and was never promised to be. But thanks to Megan and the Amdahl Hearing Center, I feel better out in public again!”

- John W.

“I had an emergency problem with one of my aids, so I stopped in at Amdahl Hearing. Maggie was able to see me in minutes and solved the problem promptly . Now, that is what I call service. Thank you Maggie”

- Bob S.

“Excellent staff that truly cares about improving the quality of the patient’s hearing. Deric Peterson has gone the extra mile in providing exceptional service and support. There is no comparison between Amdahl and my previous hearing aid provider.”

- Jack T.

“The people at Amdahl were great! I hesitated and put off getting my hearing aids for over a year. I had nothing to be concerned about. I should have done it long ago. I needed very few adjustments. The worked great right from day one!”

- Wayne B.

“What I liked best was there wasn’t an overload of change to my hearing. It seems like what was needed to correct my hearing was done without making everything too loud. Thank you so much.”

- Gervaise B.

“I can hear more sounds than I have for years. I don’t bug my wife because the TV volume is too high. Your service was excellent!”

- Dalas N.

“I’ve tried two different brands of hearing aids and neither one were satisfactory. This hearing aid lets me understand what they are saying on T.V. Before I could hear the voice but couldn’t understand what they were saying. Kevin’s patience and knowledge is great. Now I can enjoy T.V. again.”

- Lillian B.

“Kevin Amdahl is in a class by himself! He fully explains every aspect of the process, from the audio booth to fitting of the hearing aids themselves. I was amazed how small the aids are, very unobtrusive. I regret not consulting him sooner. Good follow-up after the sale too. He eliminates all the confusion about remediable hearing loss.”

- Stephen Hanson, M.D.

“The most important thing a consumer wants is service. I had a very good service from Amdahl Hearing while my hearing aids were being fitted and also in the following months. Service is very important and my hearing improved a lot.”

- D.L.

“I had no idea what I was missing in life due to my hearing loss. Wanda was able to find me perfect hearing aids for my busy personal and work lives. Greatly reduced my feelings of frustration and isolation, getting me back into life. Those around me are also less frustrated and relationships have improved. The transition to using hearing aids has been far easier than I had anticipated.”

- Martin P.

“Kevin listens to my concerns and understands the needs of my hearing loss, he is kind and makes each visit a joyful experience. Very thankful for the gals at the front counter their smiles could light the entire world with happiness a great reflection to all who enter the doors.”

- Nancy B.

“Top-notch training and knowledge of patient needs. Dr. Kari Medearis assessed my hearing, did a thorough check of my hearing aids and adapted my aids to my changing needs. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone who has hearing concerns or is looking to purchase aids.”

- Gayle W.

“This is the most pleasant place to visit for a check-up! The staff who greet you couldn’t be any more friendlier. The technicians I have had in the past have all been wonderful. Today, I had the pleasure of being tested by Sam who was the most thorough by far. Both my wife and I commented on how much we appreciated how he put us at ease and explained things to us. This clinic is just an awesome place to go if you need to have your hearing checked!”

- Jeff T.

“Excellent service and friendly people. Very satisfied with the product. I used to turn the TV Volume to 50-60 – now I hear great at 17-22. I can actually hear the people around me. Nice to answer somebody’s question with the right answer, LOL!”

- Bill T.

“I always felt very comfortable at Amdahl Hearing. The staff is very knowledgeable about the hearing loss and the type of aides indicated for me. Hearing aides are expensive but the financing options available through Wells Fargo was a good option. I am happy with my new AGX Hearing aides!”

- Sandra H.

“I put off getting a hearing aid as long as I could. But once I made the decision and found Amdahl Hearing – I am entirely grateful that I did. I never realized that I couldn’t really hear things that are important. With Erica’s help and expertise, I felt very comfortable with my choice of hearing aids. Thanks Amdahl Hearing & Erica for your patience and support on the many adjustments we went through to fit my hearing aid!”

- Jodi F.

“From our first visit and hearing evaluations, my wife and my experience at Amdahl was pleasant and professional. All parameters of the test and the hearing aid were thoroughly presented. Follow up was timely and part of the cost. The entire staff were cheerful, knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend Amdahl to anyone needing hearing assistance.”

- Raymond J. Lindeman, M.D.

“Erica was very helpful and understanding of my hearing needs. She was remarkable! Very kind and patient and wanted me to hear the very best I could. I’m very pleased with my hearing aids and recommend Amdahl Hearing to everyone.”

- Rose B.

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