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Information on Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss and Balance.


Facts About Hearing LossFacts about hearing loss

Life is enriched by the experiences we have through our five senses: sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. Hearing is especially vital; it enables us to communicate our wants, needs, and emotions. Learn more about the the types and degrees of hearing loss, as well as practical tips for prevention and treatment options.



Loss of Balance, Dizziness and VertigoBalance, dizziness, vertigo

Dizziness or loss of balance is the second most common complaint heard in doctors’ offices. The good news is diagnosis and treatment options have become more effective over the past 10 years.



Hearing Loss in ChildrenChild Hearing loss in Alexandria, St. Cloud and Roseville, MN

Hearing loss at any age is an emotional issue and robs you of a sense that adds so much to the richness of life. Fortunately, many causes of hearing loss are treatable, and it is often possible to return the sounds of childhood to a young life.



How Hearing Tests WorkHearing Testing in Alexandria, St. Cloud and Roseville, MN

From an initial interview to an examination, hearing tests are available to help hearing care professionals determine the nature of your hearing loss.



Communication Tips For Your FamilyCommunication tips

Your family does not know how you hear. What they do know is that you do not hear well! Learn valuable tips for communicating with someone in your family you may suspect of having hearing loss.



Protect Your HearingHearing Testing in Alexandria, St. Cloud and Roseville, MN

Exposure to excessive noise during work or leisure activities can increase a person’s risk of hearing loss and potentially worsen a pre-existing hearing problem. Since there is no cure for noise-induced hearing loss, prevention is the sensible alternative.


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