Our inside-the-ear musician’s monitors replace the traditional wedge monitors with precision, isolated sound delivered directly to you, so that you can stay in tune and perform your best.

Stage performers are routinely exposed to hearing damage both from amplifiers and the stage monitors that must be turned up to potentially harmful levels just so that they can be heard above the music.

Today professional musicians know that the superior fit and sound quality of in-ear monitors provide clearer sound and effective sound monitoring at much lower volume levels. This means you can hear and perform your best while protecting your hearing from the prolonged exposure to loudspeakers and from damage to your hearing one of your most precious resources as a musician.

Custom-Fit Monitors

Our custom-molded in-ear monitors are fitted into medical-grade silicone earmolds that are comfortable for extended periods of wear and form a superior acoustic seal to give you just the sound you need. Precision drivers, integrated crossovers, and discreet cable connections make these professional-quality audio monitors second to none in terms of sonic quality, all in a package that is unobtrusive and will never stand between you and a great performance.