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Perfect Dry Lux

An electronic medical device for ultrafast dehumidification with UV-C rays, designed for all types of hearing aid.


The Dry-Brik contained in the Dry & Store family of products has three important functions: (1) to permanently remove the moisture molecules that are released from the devices during the warm drying cycle; (2) to drive the relative humidity inside the box to a much lower level than is possible with just a heater, thus maximizing the drying capability; and (3) to capture odors.

Ear Gear

 Protect Your Hearing Aids From Sweat, Dirt, Moisture and Wind Noise – Ear Gear Original comes with a double layer nylon-spandex blended sleeve and is available with a strong clip & stretch cord (for corded models). Ear Gear Original fits hearing aids and amplifiers from 1.25” up to 2”


Prevent the loss of BTE hearing instruments with an adjustable loop that goes over the hearing instrument ear hook. Cord clips to clothing.

Ear Wax Removal System

The Complete, Medically Approved System to Safely Remove Ear Wax
• Fast acting formula
• Gently softens and loosens wax for easy removal
• System includes wax removal formula and bulb syringe

Westone Hearing Aid Saver

Hearing Aid Saver is an inexpensive, moisture removal system for hearing instruments and other small moisture-sensitive items.

Dehumidifiers are conditioning systems for all types of hearing instruments – traditional hearing systems as well as cochlear implant equipment, noise maskers, ear monitors, and more. While you sleep, it removes moisture, dries earwax, kills germs, and deodorizes your hearing instruments.

For most users, results can include:

  • Fewer repairs
  • Better sound quality
  • Relief from itchy ears
  • Longer battery life
  • Fresh and clean hearing devices

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