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Why We’re Different

Why We’re Different

We love what we do—and we want you to love it too. At Amdahl Hearing, our main focus is patient experience, and making sure that each person who steps through our door, whether it be a long-term patient or the mail carrier, feels welcome and leaves with a smile on their face.

When you come in, we have baked-fresh cookies and made-for-you coffee, tea, and hot cocoa. Each member of our staff will greet you with a smile. We love to help others, and we hope it shows.

We truly believe that it’s the little things that count, and we truly care about each of our patients. Our team is incredibly passionate about what they do, and we’re positive that we can help you!

7 (more!) Reasons to Visit


Reason #1

We believe that educating patients leads to the best hearing results.
The more you understand about your level of hearing loss and the technology options available to you, the greater the chances that you will hear your best. That is why, online and in our office, we provide patient-driven educational materials designed by the country’s top providers to give you all the answers you need to make informed choices about your hearing care.

Reason #2

Our experience gives you the expert care you deserve.
Our staff has vast experience with interviewing patients, diagnostic testing, and understanding how better hearing can be brought into people’s lives. This experience allows us to develop a comprehensive better-hearing treatment plan that incorporates the most effective, custom-programmed solutions available.

Reason #3

Detailed testing ensures that we address the specific nature of your hearing loss.
Our advanced diagnostic examinations are thorough, precise, and accurate, providing the most comprehensive picture available of what sounds and listening environments are particularly problematic for you in your desired lifestyle.

Reason #4

State-of-the-art hearing aids optimize your ability to hear.
We work with the world’s best manufacturers, who invest millions each year in research and development, in order to offer a complete lineup of the most technologically advanced hearing systems available anywhere.

Reason #5

Exact hearing aid fitting and programming to your satisfaction.
Even the most advanced hearing aids can create frustration if they are not personally tailored to your level of hearing loss and lifestyle needs. We have vast experience matching patients with the best hearing aid options based on the results of their individual hearing tests. We use the most advanced fitting methods available to ensure that your devices are comfortable and provide you with maximum clarity.

Reason #6

Exceptional follow-up care gives you ongoing, personalized customer service.
Your relationship with us continues well beyond the initial fitting. Your follow-up care includes ongoing office visits to make certain your hearing aids are fine-tuned to provide you with the greatest benefit possible. Cleanings, discounted batteries, and reprogramming for new listening situations and environments are all part of the comprehensive better-hearing program we offer our patients.

Reason #7

We absolutely love what we do!
Bringing improved hearing and better communication to our patients’ lives is our passion. Seeing people reconnect with their families and loved ones is a tremendous pleasure for us. We strive to continue making such connections and are constantly motivated to do so by the joyful stories of all that our patients are experiencing through better hearing!

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