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Kevin Amdahl

Kevin Amdahl

Owner and President


I was born and raised in Wisconsin. Most of my early years were spent hunting, fishing and doing all of the other things boys do in small communities. My father was a teacher and wrestling coach in Wisconsin for over 35 years and, if you’ll permit me to boast for a moment, a member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. So, if I wasn’t outside, I was usually in some high school gym watching, competing or coaching as my dad’s assistant. I completed both my undergraduate and graduate work in audiology at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, finishing in 1994. Between 1994 and 2002, I worked in private practices in Lansing, Michigan, and Willmar, Minnesota, eventually becoming Director of Audiology Services in a practice with six locations. In 2002, I took a position with MicroTech, a hearing aid manufacturer, working in the education and training department. At MicroTech, I traveled extensively throughout the U.S., training other hearing professionals on the latest hearing aid technology as well as appropriate application of the technology to some of the most difficult hearing losses I’ve ever seen. I was lucky enough to be a featured speaker at national conventions and have had a paper published in a nationally published hearing journal. I eventually progressed to head of the education and training department, a position I held until July 2007, when I left the manufacturing world for private practice with the simple goal of doing a better job for the people struggling with hearing loss .My future plans are to continue to grow Amdahl Hearing, helping as many people reconnect with their families, loved ones and activities that become so difficult with the onset of hearing loss. Further, it is my goal to tirelessly educate and engage the public on the dangers of noise exposure and the debilitating issues associated with tinnitus (ringing in the ears). We will continue to grow and serve, never losing sight of the fact that we are always dealing with a person, not just a hearing loss.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my amazing wife Jen and my kids, Jesse, Katie and Arielle. In the rare instance I’m not attending tennis, dance, cheer or other activities, I’m an avid hunter and fisherman.

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