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Jennifer Reekers

Doctor of Audiology

Maple Grove, MN


Dr. Jen Reekers is audiologist in our Maple Grove location. Given she has hearing loss and wears a hearing aid herself, Dr. Jen offers a unique perspective when counseling realistic expectations and the benefits of amplification. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Speech Language Hearing Sciences from Minnesota State University Moorhead. She also obtained her Master of Arts and Doctor of Audiology degrees from the #1 audiology doctoral program, University of Iowa, in 2009. Dr. Jen has clinical experience from VA healthcare systems, private ENT, and private audiology practice. She specializes in hearing aid technology, counseling and hearing rehabilitation, with emphasis on tinnitus treatment.

Dr. Jen craves chocolate, laughter, family and travel. She would love to hear about your adventures when she sees you in office!

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